first MUNOL session

Already in the first MUNOL session in 1998 the results were retained in a resolution booklet.


MUNOL goes online

In December 2001 MUNOL went online on munol.org which is the domain until today


familiar conference

MUNOL started as a small conference and grew over time but still has a familiar atmosphere that is often called the MUNOL spirit



In 2003 the MUNOL association, officiall 'Vereinigung der Freunde und Förderer des Model United Nations of Lübeck e.V.'' was founded to act as an alumni network and general support institution for the organisation of the conference. Like the conference itself the association expanded over time and now has more than 120 members.


Resolution Booklet

Resolution booklets were usually created until early in the morning so that they could be printed during the night to be distributed for the General Assembly starting in the morning


MUNOL week

In 2006 MUNOL was for the first time a one week lasting conference. Before, it was a 3 day event but with more students and more issues the conference expanded.


long lasting friendships

Some teachers enjoy the conference, the atmosphere and the city so much so that they come to MUNOL every year, which only makes it possible for the students to participate in MUNOL.


GA in the gym

For years the General Assembly took place in the gym of Thomas-Mann-School. With decorating flags and a podium the gym atmosphere was exchanged for a world politic stage.


we ♥ MUNOL

In 2010 the Thomas-Mann-School was under construction, so the team had to find a new location for the General Assembly and deal with a noisy atmosphere in school. But the MUNOL spirit united the team which still had a fun time to organize MUNOL



The MUNOL participants practiced this choreography to create the music video for Riding on the Wave in 2011.


first MUNOL Trailer

Getting everyone excited for MUNOL with a trailer before the conference dates back to 2012.



In 2013 the MUNOL NEWS first episode was uploaded to YouTube presenting what happend at MUNOL this day. This was also the year with the first conference theme: Resources for Life



In 2014 the MUNOL became it's own mascot. The participants decided to name it MUNOLino.


Merkel in Lübeck

In 2015 then-chanceler Angela Merkel visited Lübeck to inaugurate the European Hanseatic Museum. This event was used to meet a group of MUNOL enthusiasts.


MUNOL goes mobile

After publishing a first version of the MUNOL app for Android in 2014, in 2016 the new version was released which is also available on iOS.


all in the same boat

In 2018 MUNOL participated in the Drachenbootrennen, which is a race of boats with many people on board.


Resolution Editor

After 20 years of writing and typesetting resolutions until early in the morning, the web-based resolution editor revolutionized the process of creating resolutions at MUNOL.


GA in Hanseatic Museum

In 2019, the European Hanseatic Museum served as the location for the General Assembly for the first time. This venue is a hotspot for the cultural tradition of the hanseatic city of Lübeck.



For the first time in the history of MUNOL, the conference could not take place due to the Covid-19 panamic. But despite the unprecedented event, the Thomas-Mann-School was awarded a prize for extraordinary educational projects such as MUNOL. The prime minister of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther visited the school.


MUNOL is back

After pausing for one year due to Covid, MUNOL is finally back. The images capture the spirit of a conference with face masks and hybrid General Assembly.


25th anniversary